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Aquacomputer flow sensor high flow NEXT, G1 / 4

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The high flow NEXT flow sensor from Aqua Computer is a fully integrated sensor for flow,...mas
Product Information

The high flow NEXT flow sensor from Aqua Computer is a fully integrated sensor for flow, temperature and coolant quality with USB interface, RGBpx lighting and OLED display.

Flow measurement

The flow rate is measured by a rotor / impeller that is driven by the coolant flowing through. The rotation speed is recorded without contact using a magnetic measuring system. The optimally calibrated bearing clearance for each sensor ensures minimal running noise. The sensor delivers reliable measured values ​​from approx. 35 l / h to 1000 l / h and is therefore ideally suited for most water cooling systems. A symmetrical structure allows the sensor to be integrated into the system without considering the direction of flow. In addition, the sensor can be operated in any installation position. The very low flow resistance meets the requirements of high flow systems.

The high flow NEXT is equipped with two sensors for measuring the speed of the rotor, which, in conjunction with the intelligent evaluation, achieves four times the resolution of the measurement compared to the other sensors in our high flow series. The integrated electronics enable high-precision flow measurement through preset calibration curves, with calibration curves available for DP Ultra or pure water as well as for various connection types.

Coolant quality sensor

A very precise measuring system for the electrical conductivity of the coolant is integrated into the sensor. This is able to measure the conductivity between 2-200 µS and from this to determine the quality of the coolant. If corrosion occurs or if the corrosion protection inhibitors are used up, the conductivity of the coolant increases sharply. In this case the coolant should be changed.

Coolant temperature sensor

The high flow NEXT is equipped with a very precise and fast water temperature sensor.

Highly integrated electronics

The highly developed electronics are equipped with an OLED display, alarm buzzer and a complete RGBpx system. Power supply and data connection to the PC is via the USB interface.

The sensor can be conveniently configured directly via the display and three buttons. All measured values ​​can be shown on the graphic display both as a value and as a diagram. The display pages are freely selectable and can be switched automatically.

All sensors can be evaluated with alarm limits. If an alarm occurs, it can be displayed acoustically via the integrated buzzer and optically via the LEDs. In addition, forwarding can take place via the signal interface of the high flow NEXT. The signal output of the high flow NEXT is also able to simulate a flow signal for another device or to output a speed signal for mainboards (100 l / h then corresponds to 1000 RPM).

Data from the high flow NEXT can be transmitted to a connected aquaero 5/6 via an aquabus interface. As an alternative to the USB interface, power can also be supplied via the aquabus interface - in this case, however, the RGBpx functionality is not available.

RGBpx controller for addressable LEDs

The sensor has ten integrated RGBpx LEDs to enable direct visual flow control. In the standard configuration these represent a circulating flow indicator depending on the flow. The effects can of course be configured freely and depending on sensor values ​​in the aquasuite.

In addition, the high flow NEXT has an RGBpx output for the individual control of up to 90 addressable LEDs. Each LED can be set individually in terms of color and brightness. A total of six LED groups of variable sizes can be configured, to which visual effects can then be assigned. The 23 available effects offer extensive setting options for further customization. Many effects also offer the option of modifying effect parameters (e.g. speed) depending on the current sensor values. The available effects also include sound-to-light effects that react to the sound currently output by the computer. An outstanding function is the AMBIENTpx effect, which enables the edge areas of the current screen content to be reproduced on the connected LEDs, whereby a very effective background lighting can be implemented around the computer screen.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: approx. 51 x 43 x 34 mm
  • Connection thread G 1/4

Scope of delivery:

  • A flow sensor
  • An internal USB connection cable

System requirements

  • Windows 8.1 or newer
  • Internal USB 2.0 port

Notes on the AMBIENTpx effect

Screen contents that prohibit analysis using DRM or other measures cannot be evaluated.

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